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Making Health, Fitness and Wellbeing SIMPLE, ENJOYABLE and ACHIEVABLE.

Welcome to Jen Wilson Fitness. I have one aim, and that is to help women to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. Overall, I want it to be simple for you, no fad diets, no long exhausting workouts and no confusing information.

I offer so much more than just exercise because it takes more than just exercise for us to be happy and healthy. I take a holistic approach to all my offerings which means there will also be a strong focus on self-care strategies and healthy eating that will help you to build a healthy lifestyle not just physically but mentally too.

You won’t find any quick fixes here just sensible and achievable advice helping you create habits that last you a lifetime.


Jen Wilson Fitness Classes in West Cumbria
Jen Wilson Fitness Classes in West Cumbria
Jen Wilson Fitness Classes in West Cumbria

Who I work with

I work with women at ALL life stages from postnatal to peri-menopause and into later life. I provide personal training programmes, group classes, online programmes and specialist programmes for women experiencing Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.

You can work with me from my private studio based in Harrington, Cumbria or online.

My approach to exercise is making it accessible to anyone regardless of ability.  Aiming for you to be yourself, feel at ease and most of all improve your physical and mental wellbeing through a tailored exercise and lifestyle programme that suits your needs.

I look forward to welcoming you, having fun and working towards being a happy, healthy woman.


Holistic Core Restore, Pelvic Floor Program with Jen Wilson Fitness

Pelvic Floor & Core

Personal Training with Jen Wilson

Personal Training

HCR Diastasis Healing postnatal fitness with Jen Wilson in West Cumbria

Diastasis Healing

Mama Reboot Postnatal Fitness Sessions

Mama Reboot

Postnatal Fitness Sessions

Postnatal Fitness

1 to 1 Fitness Classes in West Cumbria with Jen Wilson Fitness

1:1 Sessions & Classes

If you’re not sure which programme is right for you then please contact me or book a FREE phone consultation.

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Making Health, Fitness and Wellbeing SIMPLE, ENJOYABLE and ACHIEVABLE.

The Holistic Core Restore® Everywoman Programme has greatly improved my pelvic floor and really reduced the issues I was experiencing. The leaking was impacting my life but I have seen great improvements and now feel more confident. Jen makes it very relaxed and nothing is too embarrassing to talk about. If you are suffering with incontinence you really need to give this course a try.

– Laura, 38, Cockermouth –

By the end of the 6 week Holistic Core Restore® Everywoman programme there was a significant improvement in my pelvic floor strength. I was scared to go out unless I knew there was a toilet nearby but now have total confidence!

Jen is fab, very knowledgeable, relatable and she makes you feel very comfortable talking about something we’re conditioned to feel is taboo! The classes are relaxed, private and perfect if you struggle at all with your pelvic floor.

– Lucy, 38, Egremont-

Upon completion of the Holistic Core Restore® Diastasis Healing Programme my tummy gap has significantly reduced, I can not only feel the results but see them as my stomach is flatter and I also feel my pelvic floor function is better too.  I will continue to see Jen for the follow on programme to improve my core and overall strength and mobility so I can eventually return to running.

– Angela, 36, Keswick –

Just been to my first Pure Stretch class and absolutely loved it! Jen is a fantastic instructor and the small class means you get one-to-one support where needed. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to improve their flexibility and strengthen their core, all in a relaxed and friendly environment.

– Becky G., Whitehaven –

Over the 12 week Holistic Core Restore (R) Everywoman programme, I decreased my abdominal separation, felt more connected to my core, improved my pelvic floor, felt stronger within my whole body and lost almost a stone in weight. It also mentally gave me the confidence in my body to get back into other exercise, most importantly back out on my bike.

– Ailsa, 36 Cockermouth –

Outdoor Fitness for Mums is a great class for returning to exercise after having a baby. The sessions have been very accessible and sociable and Jen has such a wonderful approach and rapport with her clients, in great surroundings too!

– Jenn, Keswick –

It’s been so wonderful meeting new mums, getting to share notes about baby development.  Jen is patient, passionate, motivating, welcoming and shows that she has experience in helping new mums get back into shape.

 It has helped me feel better about myself, I have felt really positive and uplifted because of the social aspect of the group. Great venue. Great leader. Great exercise

– Laura, Cockermouth –

This is my favourite baby class by a long way! Jen is so knowledgeable and really takes in to account everyone’s different needs and capabilities after childbirth. And the group are so lovely and supportive of one another, couldn’t ask for more!

I feel more confident in getting back in to doing more exercise and slowly getting fitter as a result. I have also made some lovely friends!

– Susie, Penruddock –

I joined the class to meet like-minded people, and regain fitness post pregnancy. It’s been great to get to know other mums and make new friends. My fitness has improved significantly in an enjoyable, sociable and stunning setting. Jen is very friendly and approachable

– Katy, Cockermouth –

I joined the class to meet new friends, get out of the house, entertainment for my baby and some exercise for me. You don’t have to be super fit or super strong ( but if you are super fit and strong then it is a great class for you too), it’s an hour of good exercise and lots of endorphins! I loved the depth of your knowledge Jen. I felt safe knowing you would not ask me to do anything that would be bad for my postnatal body. It was always fun and always made me stronger. The best baby class I have been to with my 2 babies

– Megan, Keswick –

Having completed the Holistic Core Restore (R) Everywoman programme, my pelvic floor is so much stronger and I am much fitter than I was even pre-pregnancy.  This programme has made me see the value in making time to take care of myself, something I wasn’t doing before.

The nutritional advice has completely changed the way I, and my family eat and the process was so gradual we didn’t even really notice.

As a result of following the programme, I’ve lost over a stone and am back to fitting into all of my pre-baby clothes which has massively boosted my confidence and was an extra benefit I wasn’t even expecting.

– Sam, 32, Maryport-

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