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Outdoor Post Natal Fitness Programme


Pelvic Floor
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Pelvic Floor & Core Restore


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Improve your Flexibility
& Core Strength

Improve Your Flexibility & Core Strength

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Welcome to Jen Wilson Fitness

As women, we face quite a few challenging stages in life, be it having a baby, going through the menopause, dealing with stress from our busy and hectic lives, being struck down by illness or simply just getting older.

I truly believe in the power of exercise and nutrition for improving our physical and mental wellbeing and helping our bodies to heal and restore from injury or illness.

It’s not just about losing weight, running your next marathon or lifting heavy weights, exercise has so many more benefits to bring!

My approach to exercise is making it accessible to anyone regardless of ability.

My aim is for you to be yourself, feel at ease and most of all improve your physical and mental wellbeing through tailored exercise that suits your needs.

I look forward to welcoming you, having fun and working towards being happy, healthy women!
REPs - Registered Exercise Professional

Fitness Classes for new Mums and beyond - In groups, outdoors or 1-2-1 sessions... Reserve your place today!