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I am passionate about Women’s Fitness and Wellness.  How I can help women to be happy and healthy by following a programme that suits their individual needs.

Although exercise is a core element of what I do, it’s not the only thing I offer because it takes more than just exercise to be a happy healthy woman.

To feel truly fit, strong, happy and healthy we also need to incorporate good nutrition and self-care strategies that will help you to build a healthy lifestyle not just physically but mentally too.

I will share my knowledge and educate you about your own body so you feel confident and in control.

I want to help you create a healthy long-term habit of exercise, good nutrition and self care moving away from exhausting workouts, fad diets and quick fixes that don’t work.

Personal Training with Jen Wilson

Personal Training

Mama Reboot Postnatal Fitness Sessions

Mama Reboot

Postnatal Fitness Sessions

Postnatal Fitness

Holistic Core Restore, Pelvic Floor Program with Jen Wilson Fitness

Pelvic Floor & Core

If you’re not sure which programme is right for you then please contact me or book a FREE phone consultation.

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