About Jen Wilson

How it all began

My journey into health and fitness began following a long period of stress, anxiety and depression brought on by a stressful office-based job.
Stress took quite a toll on my body! Physically I developed irritable bowel syndrome which made me very ill and I became intolerant to many foods I could once eat! And mentally it was a tough battle daily. However, I forced myself to attend a regular exercise class twice per week. It was quite honestly the last thing I felt like doing. This was my absolute saviour as I would always leave the class on a high and with a clear head!


What happened next?

With the combination of a new-found interest in nutrition and the realisation of the power of exercise on both my physical and mental wellbeing, I decided on a career change! It was very much a Now or Never moment. I knew I couldn’t stay in the job I was doing as it was taking such a toll on my health.

Completing a Level 3 Personal Training Diploma in 2010 I then secured my first job in health and fitness. I spent five years working in a Health and Rehabilitation gym. This gym provided exercise programmes to groups and individuals with a range of chronic health conditions. This really changed my view on exercise and how powerful it is in helping people rehabilitate from both physical and mental illness. During my time working here I continued to study and add to my specialist qualifications.


Taking the plunge

Following the birth of my son in 2015, I decided to follow my dreams and start my own business centred around Women’s Health, Fitness and Wellbeing.

My personal experience of a difficult pregnancy, a traumatic birth (the after effects of this on my body both physically and mentally) and the serious lack of any help or support was the driving force to start my business.

Based in West Cumbria, I offer a selection of Classes, Small Group Training and Personal Training. I run sessions both outdoors and from my private studio in Harrington. 

I aim to educate, support and provide women with the tools they need to lead a Happy, Healthy life.

Jen Wilson

Why I created Jen Wilson Fitness

Here are the reasons I created Jen Wilson Fitness:

  • I believe that exercise should not just be viewed as something you have to do to lose weight or shape up for holiday. It should be something every woman does as part of everyday life to stay happy and healthy.
  • Because exercise should be tailored so that it is accessible to anyone no matter what their ability. There shouldn’t be any pressure of having to keep up with everyone else.
  • Women are under so much pressure in today’s society to have a perfect body that the many other benefits of exercise are overlooked. These benefits can have such a positive impact on your overall physical and mental wellbeing. This, in my opinion, is far more important than today’s obsession with body image.
  • Following the birth of my son, I was surprised how my body had changed. I couldn’t return straight away to the exercise I was doing before pregnancy. My body needed time to heal and recover by doing the right type of exercise at the right time. I want to help other new mums through this healing process.



  • Cancer & Exercise Rehabilitation
  • Burrell Education Postnatal Exercise Specialist 
  • Burrell Education Pelvic Floor & Core Graduate
  • Holistic Core Restore (R) Licensed Coach
  • Purestretch Instructor
  • Diploma in Exercise Referral
  • Diploma in Personal Training
  • St Johns Ambulance Emergency First Aid
Jen Wilson - Licensed Holistic Core Restore Coach
Jen Wilson - Burrell Edcation Graduate

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