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  • I do not have covid-19 symptoms at the time of the class / one to one training sessions
  • No one in my family has covid-19 symptoms at the time of the class / one to one training session
  • I have not returned from any country on the governments list of those that require quarantine
  • If I have symptoms within 3 days of our class / one to one training session, I will contact you to let you know

Test and Trace

  • I am required by law to keep a record of all visitors to my studio and attendees at classes for the purpose of contact tracing
  • I am required to keep a log of your name, telephone number, dates of visits and arrival and departure times
  • As per government guidelines I may be required to report everyone I have been in contact with in the last 21 days to the NHS test and trace service
  • I am also required to provide this information to the NHS test and trace service:
    • If requested by them
    • If after your session I display Covid-19 symptoms
    • If you have contacted me to let me know you have symptoms
  • I will display an official NHS QR Code Poster for clients to check in at the start of each session

Social Distancing

  • Social distancing rules as per government guidelines will be in place for both indoor and outdoor sessions
  • On occasions, for sessions taking place in the studio, it may be necessary to reduce the distance to 1m in line with government guidelines when the 2m distance is not viable.
  • I will wear a face covering during indoor one to one training sessions

Equipment, Cleaning and Ventilation

  • I will ensure that the studio and all equipment is thoroughly cleaned according to the cleaning checklist in between clients
  • Appointments are well spaced out to enable me to carry out a thorough clean between clients
  • Where possible internal doors and windows to the studio will be kept open to ensure the room is well ventilated
  • You will be allocated your own equipment for the duration of the session which will be thoroughly cleaned after use.



Arriving at the studio

  • Please do not arrive early for your appointment as there is no waiting area
  • On arrival I will ask you the following questions:
    • Do you have a high temperature or fever?
    • Have you developed a new continuous cough?
    • Have you noticed a loss of or change in smell or taste?
  • Please use the hand sanitiser provided on entry and exit of the studio
  • Please only bring essential items needed for the session

Arriving at the outdoor venue

  • To meet at the designated meeting point only.
  • To maintain the required social distance between yourself and other class members
  • To be courteous to members of public, keeping a safe distance and standing to one side to allow public to pass safely if required

Symptoms & Risk Factors

  • You will not attend any face-to-face sessions if you, anyone in your household, or anyone you have been in contact with is showing symptoms of Covid-19 in the last 14 days. You will be required to obtain a test before face-to-face sessions can commence. Please note that one-to-one sessions will be conducted virtually until the test results are available.
  • If you have Covid-19 symptoms within 3 days of attending a face-to-face session, please let me know.
  • It is your responsibility to let me know if you fall within the extremely vulnerable or clinically (moderate risk) vulnerable categories as defined by the government.