Holistic Core Restore® DIASTASIS HEALING

If you’ve had a baby, no matter how long ago and you have a Diastasis Recti or feel disconnected to your Core then this programme is for you.

Diastasis recti is common to many women post birth and is described as the stretching, weakening and dysfunction of the front and side of the abdominal muscles and includes the connective tissues and fascia of these muscles. You may have heard it being referred to as ‘the mummy tummy’, ‘the gap’, ‘the dome’, the ‘looking 5 months pregnant at the end of the day’!

Women are often told the many things that they shouldn’t do if they have a Diastasis, however, this system is different as it offers positive things that can be done to help.

It’s not just about exercise though, healing a Diastasis post birth requires a truly holistic approach including nutrition, hydration, posture, breathing patterns and alignment.

This programme will improve the way your belly looks, feels and works, rid yourself of back pain and reconnect you to your Pelvic Floor so that you FEEL AND FUNCTION better. Overall, bringing you back home to your body.

The Diastasis programme is bespoke to the individual client so is offered as a 1:1 package.

HCR Diastasis Healing postnatal fitness with Jen Wilson in West Cumbria

Who is it for?

This programme is for you if:

  • You have a diastasis.
  • You have a feeling of disconnection or weakness with your core.
  • You have lower back pain which may be associated with a ‘weak core’.
  • You want a better looking tummy.
  • You want to understand your body and get to know why this happens and how to work with your body to heal from the inside out
  • You want a truly holistic programme that will help you heal deeply.

This programme will help you connect the dots between your breathing, posture, possible back pain and pelvic floor dysfunction. Helping you to not only a better looking belly but one that FUNCTIONS and supports your pelvic floor, core and overall health.

This programme is NOT A ONE SIZE FITS ALL. It is 100% bespoke and you will be guided through the process and supported all the way. I will ensure you progress towards your goal and also that your route to success is adjusted as required. 


What’s involved?

The Holistic Core Restore® Diastasis Healing programme is specific to your needs so based on the initial consultation I will only prescribe what is best for you.

A deep assessment is required to start. This is followed by a programme that focuses on nutrition for healing, your breathing strategy and postural alignment. All of these need to be considered before we apply exercise and load.

This is a multi-phase programme that starts with getting the basics of posture and alignment improved to bring balance to your entire body.

There is also a strong focus on HEALING NUTRITION TOO because we 100% heal from the INSIDE OUT!  I will provide you with simple but highly effective strategies for helping you get the specific nutrients required to heal your Diastasis.

Appointments are spread out (usually every 2-3 weeks) with key nutrition, lifestyle and exercise prescription for in between our face to face sessions. The length of the programme will be determined by your progress.

This offering is ALWAYS utterly bespoke to you simply because a Diastasis is as individual as the woman experiencing it.

I will do everything to support and guide to a fully functional Diastasis, but you need to be ready to do the work.

View the diastasis recti healing before and after photos.


Where and When

WHERE: Sessions take place in my private studio in Harrington, Cumbria. Online sessions are available on request.

WHEN: Tuesdays and Thursday daytime appointments available. Please contact me to check availability.


What does it cost?


Diastasis Healing


(x 2 payments of £115.00)

What’s Included?

  • Initial consultation
  • Assessment of posture and alignment
  • Nutrition and hydration advice
  • Breathing pattern analysis
  • 4 further 1-2-1 sessions taken every 2-3 weeks
  • Bespoke programme and homework to complete between sessions
  • Educational booklet
  • Euipment needed to complete homework
  • Ongoing support throughout the programme

Please note: This programme is the start of your healing journey and depending on your progress, we may need to work together for a longer period of time.  This will be discussed towards the end of the programme when we will review your progress and revisit the assessments.


Booking Details

To secure your place, please fill in the 1:1 Session Inquiry Form, or you can book a free consultation call via the link below so we can discuss your needs and confirm availability.

I wanted to improve my quite large tummy gap, hopefully flattening my stomach at the same time. I’m also very keen to return to running and doing the diastasis healing program felt like a good step forwards in getting back to running eventually.

The outcome is that my tummy gap has reduced, my stomach is flatter and I feel my pelvic floor function is better. I hope to continue to see Jen to follow on from the diastasis healing program to continue to improve my core and eventually return to running.

If you are thinking about booking then just do it! If you do your homework properly then you will see and feel the results.
– Angela, 36, Keswick –

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