Holistic Core Restore®

Join me, Jen Wilson, the provider of the Holistic Core Restore® programmes in West Cumbria.

These groundbreaking licensed programmes provide effective solutions for restoring pelvic floor and core muscles for women who have experienced some degree of pelvic floor or core dysfunction and diastasis recti.

The programmes use a whole-body approach that incorporate movement, nutritional advice and self-care guidance.

These programmes are for women who want to empower themselves through education and TAKING ACTION so that they don’t become a ‘chronic’ statistic.

Holistic Core Restore

There truly is a programme for EVERY WOMAN at EVERY LIFE PHASE.  If you are a woman in need of guidance and support regarding your continence, pelvic health or core wellness and rehab… you’re in the right place.

Which programme is right for you?


Holistic Core Restore - Everywoman programme with Jen Wilson Fitness


Reconnect with your core and pelvic floor and make your body work for you again.

HCR Diastasis Healing postnatal fitness with Jen Wilson in West Cumbria


A bespoke programme to reduce the gap, improve muscle function and return you to full functional fitness.

If you’re not sure which programme is right for you then please contact me or book a FREE phone consultation.

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