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Testimonials for Jen Wilson


I signed up to Holistic Core Restore ® Everywoman programme because I was living with stress incontinence after childbirth. It has greatly improved my pelvic floor and really reduced the issues I was experiencing. The leaking was impacting my life but I have seen great improvements and now feel more confident. Jen makes it very relaxed and nothing is to embarrassing to talk about.

If you are suffering with incontinence you really need to give this course a try. It exceeding my expectations and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommended to others. Laura, 38 Cockermouth

I signed up for the Holistic Core Restore ® Everywoman programme as I’ve struggled with my pelvic floor since the birth of my first child nearly 5 years ago. After my second child it became so bad it started to affect my day to day life. I’d often be scared to go out unless I knew I would always have easy access to a toilet. 

Very quickly I could feel the strength build in my pelvic floor. By the end of the 6 weeks there was a significant improvement and I now only use the thin liners and am confident that by continuing with what I have learnt someday soon I’ll be able to ditch them forever! I honestly thought I’d suffer forever but now have total confidence that I can fix this.

If you are thinking of booking on to the course, what are you waiting for! Jen is fab, very knowledgeable, relatable and she makes you feel very comfortable talking about something we’re conditioned to feel is taboo! The classes are relaxed, private and perfect if you struggle at all with your pelvic floor. Lucy, 38 Egremont

I booked onto the Holistic Core Restore ® Diastasis Healing programme because I wanted to improve my quite large tummy gap, hopefully flattening my stomach at the same time. I’m also very keen to return to running and doing the diastasis healing program felt like a good step forwards in getting back to running eventually.

My main concern was finances and if it would be worth it. It has been and personally I can’t put a price on trying to get back in shape as I was so fit and active pre pregnancy. I also wondered if I’d see clear results… I did so it was definitely worth it.

My tummy gap has reduced, my stomach is flatter and I feel my pelvic floor function is better. I hope to continue to see Jen to follow on from the diastasis healing program to continue to improve my core and eventually return to running.

If you are thinking about booking then just do it! If you do your homework properly then you will see and feel the results. Angela 36, Keswick