Mama Reboot

This programme has been designed especially for all you frazzled Mama’s out there!

Let’s face it, life is busy, sometimes challenging, full of demands and it can be very stressful to! We barely get a minute to ourselves and often feel exhausted.

Would you like to:

  • Have more energy
  • Feel fitter and stronger
  • Feel more confident
  • Take on what life throws at you
  • Learn skills to look after yourself
  • Manage stress
  • Learn to relax without feeling guilty

This is NOT just an exercise programme. This programme takes an holistic approach to helping you regain your health and fitness, both physically and mentally.  Addressing nutrition, self-care and stress management. There will also be a focus on pelvic floor & core function, as well as posture and alignment to ensure that your body is fit for the life you lead.

And let’s not forget that there will always be an element of relaxation to!

At the core of this programme we ‘understand life’s demands’ and set realistic goals around these.


Who is it for?

Are you a mama who:

  • Has decided that it’s about time you focused on yourself but don’t know where to start
  • Has just got their little one to school and now has some breathing space
  • Still hasn’t got round to looking after yourself even though your children started school years ago
  • Doesn’t have any headspace left to think about yourself and needs a little help and guidance
  • Is so busy you can’t think straight
  • Craves some time to yourself
  • Feels like you are ready to scream as you are so tired and frustrated and feel like you are being pulled in all directions
  • Is so busy juggling family, running a home and going to work that you literally don’t get a minute to yourself
  • Is feeling like there is ‘nothing left in the tank


What’s involved?

This bespoke programme is designed for your very specific needs. Following an in depth assessment I will design a programme that:

  • Is flexible and understands life’s demands
  • Improves your fitness, strength and mobility to a level that suits you
  • Improves your physical & mental wellbeing and overall quality of life
  • Will ENERGISE you and not exhaust you
  • Helps you to establish lifelong exercise and healthy eating habits

I will also coach you on:

Healthy eating

You will be asked to keep a food diary which I will review on a regular basis. I will offer you sensible advice with small, simple and manageable changes so that you can establish healthy eating patterns for life.

Stress Management

I will share with you lots of tips and advice from strategies I have used over the years to help manage my stress levels. There’s not a one size fits all approach but I am certain there will be something that works for you.

Self-Care Strategies

Providing you with ideas of simple things you can do each day to carve out some time just for yourself because looking after yourself goes a long way towards being a happy, healthy woman.


Where and when?

WHERE: Sessions take place in my private studio in Harrington, Cumbria. Live ONLINE SESSIONS are also available on request.

PLEASE NOTE: during current covid restrictions, sessions are available online only.

WHEN: Please contact me to discuss availability.

DURATION:  60 minutes face to face or live online session plus additional home workouts to complete between sessions and ongoing support throughout the programme.


What does it cost?


8 Week Programme


( x 2 payments of £160.00)

What’s Included?

  • In-depth assessment and programme design
  • Weekly one-hour personal training session
  • Home exercise programme to complete in between sessions (tailored to fit into your life)
  • Written and video demonstrations of your key bespoke exercises
  • Exclusive access to a private members area where you will find everything you need to take you through the reboot process
  • Regular food diary reviews with simple and actionable changes
  • Ongoing support in between sessions
  • Coaching on healthy eating, stress management and self-care strategies


Booking Details

To secure your place, please fill in the 1:1 Session Enquiry Form, or you can book a FREE CONSULTATION CALL via the link below so we can discuss your needs and confirm availability.

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