Personal Training

Welcome to Personal Training with Jen Wilson Fitness.

Personal training sessions are the perfect way to carve out some time for yourself to focus on your personal health, fitness & wellbeing goals.

  • Flexible training programme that is tailored for your very specific needs
  • Understanding life demands and setting realistic goals around these
  • Establishing lifelong exercise habits
  • Improving your fitness, strength and mobility to a level that suits you
  • Increasing your confidence and self-esteem
  • Improving your physical & mental wellbeing and overall quality of life
  • A programme that will ENERGISE you and not exhaust you
  • Sensible advice on nutrition so that you can establish healthy eating patterns for life (no quick fix diets here!)
  • Advice on self-care strategies because looking after yourself goes a long way towards being a happy, healthy woman.


Who is it for?

This bespoke Personal Training Service is tailored for your very specific needs and is for anyone who is:

  • A new mum or not so new mum who wants to regain health, fitness and functionality and have some time for yourself
  • Recovering from / living with cancer
  • Older and less mobile
  • New to exercise and needs to build up their confidence before attending a mainstream class
  • Someone who has never exercised and has been advised to do so by a medical professional
  • Looking to improve your overall wellbeing and quality of life


What’s Involved?

Following an in-depth assessment and initial consultation, I will design a programme that:

  • Is flexible and meets lifes demands
  • Improves your fitness, strength and mobility to a level that suits you
  • Improves your physical & mental wellbeing and overall quality of life
  • Helps you to establish lifelong exercise and healthy eating habits
  • Meets your goals
  • Incorporates self-care strategies because this is a key element to your overall wellbeing


Where and When

WHERE: Sessions take place in my private studio in Harrington, Cumbria.  Outdoor and Live online sessions are also available on request.

PLEASE NOTE: During current covid restrictions, sessions are available online only.

WHEN: Personal training is available during the day and some weekday evenings, please contact me to discuss availability.

DURATION:  Our weekly one to one session will last for 60 minutes. You will also have homework to complete between our sessions with my ongoing support. 


What does it Cost?


6 PT Sessions


Payable in 2 Instalments
(£126 x 2)

12 PT Sessions


Payable in 3 Instalments
(£160 x 3)

24 PT Sessions


Payable in 6 Instalments
(£152 x 6)

What’s Included?

As part of your personal training package, you will receive:

  • In depth consultation appointment
  • Programme Design
  • Weekly One Hour live Session, face to face or virtually
  • Home programme to complete between sessions
  • Nutritional, lifestyle and self-care guidance
  • Ongoing support throughout your programme


Booking Details

To secure your place, please contact me or book a free consultation call via the link below so we can discuss your needs and confirm availability.

I love how Jen instantly made me feel comfortable and was quick to establish my needs and took the time to really listen to me. Our sessions were always fun and varied, I never felt judged or pressured it was just a really friendly and personalised experience. I would highly recommend Jen, she is knowledgeable and gave me really good advice which I’m confident I can and will use in the future.

– Claire, 35, Whitehaven –

Thank you so much. You have helped me realise that I am capable of so much more than I thought. You have given me the confidence to get outside and get fitter! You have been so patient and understanding.

– Lizi, 34, Whitehaven –

I would recommend Jen to any post-natal women and also anyone wanting to improve fitness who is feeling a little unsure. Jen made me feel comfortable from the beginning and was always encouraging. I now feel more confident to return back to the gym and other exercise classes.

– Tamsin, 30 –

Jen enjoys what she does and it shines through! She is a patient teacher with a good attitude towards improving exercise. I enjoyed everything we did during the 6 weeks, I definitely feel more supple!

– Edwina, 68, Bothel –