Postnatal Fitness

If you’ve had a baby recently, are keen to begin exercising but don’t know where to start then look no further!

Jen Wilson is your local Postnatal Exercise Specialist and can help you return to exercise safely.

A fellow mum who has experienced and understands first hand the challenges of the postnatal period! From the changes to your body, aches and pains, diastasis recti, prolapse and incontinence to the lack of sleep and energy that makes it difficult to function!

Jen will use her knowledge to design a programme that is tailored just for you. A programme that addresses postnatal issues such as posture, diastasis recti and incontinence to name a few! But she will also understand if some days you are just too tired and can’t manage and need to take a step back. It’s always better to do a little rather than nothing at all!

So, whether you are starting exercise for the first time or looking to return to pre-pregnancy sports and activities then Jen can help you.


Postnatal Fitness Classes – which one is right for you?

If you are keen to return to a specific sport or activity I would recommend a full post natal assessment first. You then have the option of attending an outdoor class or working with me one to one.

If you also fancy some time out with a stroll, a natter and a cuppa then my mum and baby walking group is a great addition to a class or as a stand alone session.

If you’re not sure which class is right for you then please contact me or book a FREE phone consultation.

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