Postnatal Assessment

The Postnatal Assessment is ONE WHOLE HOUR dedicated to you! The MUM!

It is fair to say that during the postnatal period the focus is 100% on the baby, which is obviously essential, but what about YOU?

As a new mum who has just grown and birthed a baby, your body has gone through many physical changes. Changes which rarely fix themselves so it is important that you get some well-deserved attention, help and advice to enable your body to fully heal and recover.

I have heard many times from new mums that the 6 week GP check did not meet up to their expectations with very little focus actually being on them but just on how baby is doing.

It is frustrating that women are being given the advice to return to exercise without a hands on assessment. The advice is usually to take it easy, but what does that actually mean because what is easy for one person is not necessarily easy for another.


Who is it for?

The Postnatal Assessment is for anyone who:

  • Would like to take control of their postnatal healing journey
  • Is looking to return to exercise post-birth.
  • Would like to start exercising for the first time post-birth
  • Is looking to return to jogging, running or any other high impact sports/activities
  • Just doesn’t feel like they did before – there is always a reason why your body feels different and an assessment will help to identify the areas that need attention.


What the assessment offers you


  • In depth screening, including details of your pregnancy, birth and overall general health.
  • Pelvic health screening questionnaire to identify any Pelvic Floor Dysfunction that may be present.
  • Hands on Assessment of abdominal muscles.
  • Assessment of your posture and alignment to help reduce aches and pains, and ensure you can start to effectively heal your core and pelvic floor.
  • Assessment of pelvic floor and core muscle activation.

Practical Element

  • Introduction to some basic pelvic floor exercises and help reconnecting with your core.
  • Review and correction of breathing patterns
  • Releases and stretches that will help you to feel at your best

Additional Content

  • Advice on the best approach for you to return to exercise
  • Referral to private women’s health physio (if required)

Where and When

WHERE: Assessments take place at my private studio based in Harrington.

WHEN: Please follow the link below to check availability and book your place.


What does it cost?

    One Hour Consultation



    What’s Included?

    • Full Assessment
    • Advice on your next steps and how you can return to exercise safely
    • Written report with my findings and recommendations

    Click below to check availability and book your session now.

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