Postnatal Personal Training


Welcome to Postnatal Personal Training with Jen Wilson Fitness.

This bespoke service addresses the needs of postnatal women, and as we are all affected differently by the changes that occur to our bodies during pregnancy and childbirth, the programme is designed around your very specific needs.

Post Natal Personal training is for you if you would like a programme:

  • Designed for your individual needs
  • To help your body repair and recover from pregnancy and birth safely and effectively,
  • That enables you to build strong foundations for life,
  • That enables you to become fitter and stronger and get you back to doing the activities that you enjoy.

Suitable from 6 weeks post natal and 12 weeks post c section.


Who is it for?

Would you like to help your body recover from pregnancy and birth safely and effectively?

Are you a new mum who wants to reconnect with their postnatal body and exercise safely?

Are you a new mum who would like to return to exercise but don’t know what is safe to do?

Maybe you have returned to a pre pregnancy class and you couldn’t do it or things just didn’t feel quite right?

Have you been given different advice on what is and isn’t safe to do and still not sure what you should do?

Do you struggle to find any baby free time to exercise?

Are you a new mum with a specific fitness goal in mind and don’t know how to get there following childbirth?

Are you a mum further along in the postnatal period who feels that their body still doesn’t feel right and are really struggling to enjoy the activities that you took part in pre pregnancy?

Do you deserve an hour a week devoted to your own self care?


What’s Involved? 

When you sign up for your personal training programme you will go through an in depth health screening process. You will be asked to complete two screening forms, the Postnatal Health Questionnaire and the Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Questionnaire, following this you will then attend your initial consultation where I will carry out a number of assessments including:

  • Postural assessment
  • Breathing assessment and correction
  • Core Synergy and functional assessment
  • Assessment for Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation)

This information will enable me to plan a programme for you, that will first of all address the healing phase of your journey, working towards more challenging exercises and getting you back to doing what you enjoy!

Your programme will include stretches, releases, mobilisations and exercises that:

  • Correct Posture
  • Help to heal Diastasis Recti
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor
  • Improve mobility
  • Improve fitness
  • Improve strength
  • Are functional and reflect how we move everyday as a mum

You will also receive nutritional advice to aid healing and nutritional advice for weight loss.

Pre crawling babies are welcome to join us in the studio


    Where and When

    WHERE: Sessions take place in my private studio based in Harrington, Cumbria. 

    WHEN: Please contact me to check availability.

    DURATION:  Our weekly one to one sessions will last for 60 minutes. You will also receive a home programme to complete between our sessions alongside my ongoing support. 


    What does it Cost?


    6 PT Sessions


    (x 2 payments of £126.00)

    12 PT Sessions


    (x 3 payments of £160.00)

    What’s Included?

    • In depth health screening & initial assessment 
    • Weekly 1:1 Session
    • Access to private studio (pre crawling babies welcome)
    • Progressive exercise programme tailored for your specific needs
    • Home programme to complete between sessions
    • Weekly check in via email or WhatsApp to track progress
    • Nutritional advice for postnatal healing,
    • Nutritional advice for postnatal fat loss
    • A wealth of advice, guidance and information from a postnatal expert
    • Access to educational material to enable you to really understand the changes that have occurred to your body during pregnancy and childbirth and the stages we need to go through to get your body back to working as it should!

    Booking Details

    To secure your place, please fill in the 1:1 Session Enquiry Form, or you can BOOK A FREE CONSULTATION call via the link below so we can discuss your needs and confirm availability.

    I would recommend Jen to any post-natal women and also anyone wanting to improve fitness who is feeling a little unsure. Jen made me feel comfortable from the beginning and was always encouraging. I now feel more confident to return back to the gym and other exercise classes.

    – Tamsin, 30 –

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