Jen Wilson Fitness offers a regular programme of Workshops. Attending a workshop is the ideal way to offer yourself some self care without the commitment of attending a regular weekly session. The sessions include practical elements, education and time to talk with myself and others in the group. Small group sessions, one to ones in person or delivered online from the comfort of your own home.


How do they differ from a class?

The main difference is that they are usually a one-off session as opposed to a course of classes. It can be educational or practical or both.

They are designed as a way of providing you with much-needed information and/or skills that will benefit you personally.

Depending on the content, you can attend them as a one-off, or you can join in as many as you wish.

Which workshop is right for you?

There are currently two workshops available. There is a programme DEDICATED TO SUPPORTING YOU THE MOTHER; think of this as your postnatal Recovery Plan, and a practical session for any woman of any age who would like to release, let go, wind down and de-stress!

Whatever your needs, and whatever life stage you’re in, there’s a workshop that’s perfect for you.

Holistic Core Restore - 4th Trimester


A nurturing and empowering Programme created for and DEDICATED TO SUPPORTING YOU THE MOTHER.

Holistic Core Restore - REL-EASE Workshop with Jen Wilson


Release muscular tension, aches, pains and improve posture with simple, time-effective self-care solutions.

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